Primrose Jewellery

This is Primrose Jewellery

We are a small, Amsterdam based jewellery atelier.
Selma Copijn founded Primrose from a deep passion for beauty and jewellery. She believes that you should do everything you do with love.
Selma has an obsessive eye for detail that she uses to handpick every single part and piece.
These parts are the raw beginnings of what eventually will evolve into the radiant pieces you see online. To ensure the quality of the plating they are manually plated by a small Amsterdam based goldsmith that has close to 200 years of experience in working with precious metals.
We cherish the relationship with them and all the things we have already learned from them about fashioning strong, durable and yet elegant jewellery.
Then the fabulous girls of Primrose take all these different bits and pieces to design, shape and create our individual masterpieces of gorgeousness.
Cool things to know, and click on for more information:
  • We give part of our profits to women freedom charities worldwide? Read more
  • Primrose is run 100% by women (if you don’t count Selma’s boyfriend helping out). Read more
  • Every pieces you received took 32 individual steps to create

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